How To Know If A Date Went Well

You have just shut the doors in front of your date’s face and are already wondering whether it was good or not. You know that such a dilemma will torture you for like the whole evening, right until you two will manage to text or call each other. Everything gets even worse when it seemed really good for you just as you liked the person much as well. Still, don’t worry we will back you up and give you some of the most popular criteria to possibly find out whether this date was a success. You will be able to apply this several signs in online dating as well. That is why you can already jump for joy as you will be able to estimate hundreds of dates with Russian women. If you are ready, let’s start!

The Completed Date

First of all, it has finished. As it is said in Marie Claire, a universal handbook for women, if you were not interrupted by an emergency call from your roommate, it is the easiest sign that things are great. That is why, if your date didn’t manage to flee from you in the first minutes of a date, she/he is either too shy and polite to escape or everything was pretty good.

Intimate Topics

A usual talk doesn’t necessarily mean everything went well. The topics always matter. You can start and finish the date talking about the weather, work or politics. The conversation was good when you managed to open as a personality and saw it in the partner. If you mentioned something about your values, goals, childhood and the dreams that you made true, the date may lead to something serious. That is why next time try to go intimate with the help of words, not your bodies.

Staring at the Phone

Was your date attentive or did he/she stared at the screen trying to keep in touch with somebody else? That is the point that may lower your date’s estimate drastically down. Did your date dismiss calls, talk to somebody from the next tables? What is more, try to recall your behavior. If you behaved in the same way, FYI you may be the reason the date went badly. Remember that the person who is having dinner with you and “wasting” time on you deserves your complete attention.

A Long Date

Talk after talk, meal after meal, and, of course, several desserts.

“What about coffee?” “I would love coffee!”

“Maybe an ice-cream?” “Of course, it takes just an hour to get there from the coffee place we are here” (where the ice-cream is also served)

It was longer than you both expected. Congrats! It means you two wanted to enjoy each other’s company longer that it is accepted in the community. This is another optimistic sign that means the second date will occur very soon.

Nobody Acted in a Super Strange Way

That is right. You didn’t squirt a lemon juice in his eye, forget your date’s name, were not drunk, and masterly solved the “paying bill and tips” that is explained in details in Cosmo. Yei! You both rocked it. However, even if you did, maybe you coped with it in a very funny way that made you even the better person in the eyes of your date. Or maybe it was so right that went on yawning from boredom.

No matter what grades your date gets according to these criteria, remember that one meeting neither clearly define the person nor helps to predict your possible future relationships.