American Military Vessels Active in Connecticut Waters, 1812-15

This list includes vessel name, year built, nominal number of guns, dimensions when known, name of captain, and time of service off New London or in Long Island Sound. The list includes US Navy ships and gunboats, US revenue cutters, commissioned privateers and private armed boats, and submersible vessels.



USS United States







USS United States (1797, 56 guns, 175’x43’x23’), Captain Stephen Decatur, in Thames River, June 1813-April 1815


HMS Macedonian versus USS United States By Thomas Birch








USS Macedonian, formerly HMS Macedonian (1810, 38 guns, 156’x39’x18’), Captain Jacob Jones, in Thames River, June 1813-April 1815



Artist's depiction of Hornet's foundering







USS Hornet (1805, 20 guns, 107’x31’x14’), Captain James Biddle, in Thames River, June 1813-November 1814



6 (1805, 2 guns), Master John Leaycraft, one of 13 New York gunboat flotilla boats that cruised in Long Island Sound, in action and damaged off New London, May 1814

91 (1808, 1 gun), at New London, 1813-15

92 (1808, 1 gun), at New London, 1813-15



Active (ca. 1807), Captain Caleb Brewster, New York revenue cutter, active on Long Island Sound and at New London, May-December 1813

Eagle (1809, 6 guns, approx. 60’x18’x10’) Captain Frederick Lee, stationed at New Haven, captured October 1814



Marengo, French/American privateer (6 guns), Captain John Ordronaux, at New London, April-July 1812

Actress (1811, 4 guns, 56’x18’x5’), Captain George Lumsden, of Guilford, sailed July 1812, captured August 1812

Lewis (1801, 4 guns, 50’x15’x7’), Captain Benjamin Pendleton, of Stonington, sailed July 1812, captured August 1812

Joel Barlow (1812, 8 guns, 83’x21’x9’), Captain Oliver Champlin, of New London, sailed September 1812

Blockade (1812, 15 guns, 81’x21’x8’), Captain Mix, of Hartford, sailed September 1812, captured October 1812

Mars (1812, 9 guns), Captain Charles Bulkeley, of New London, sailed November 1812, returned February 1813

Anaconda (1812, 18 guns, 102’x29’x10’), Captain Nathaniel Shaler, New York privateer built at Middletown, sailed December 1812, captured July 1813

Hero (1800, 1 gun, 47’x17’x6’), Captain Ambrose Burrows, of Mystic, captured sloop Fox off Block Island, April 1813

Holkar (1813, 19 guns, 116’x30’x13’), Captain J. Rowland, New York privateer built at Chatham, CT, driven ashore at Charlestown, RI, May 1813

Ultor (1813), Captain James Matthews, Baltimore privateer, passed through Sound capturing a British barge and killing Midshipman Powers, July 1814



Argo (1813), Captain Jason Rogers, active summer 1813

Experiment (1813, 36’x9’x2’), Captains Jason Rogers and Daniel Ladd, active in Long Island Sound, summer-fall 1813

Lively (1813), Captain John Parks Jr., active in Long Island Sound, fall1813-spring 1814

True Blooded Yankee (1814), Captain Simeon Haley, active in Long Island Sound, fall 1813-fall 1814

Defiance (1814), Captain Silas Burrows II, active fall 1813-spring 1814

Viper (1814), Captain Clement Miner, active winter-spring 1814

Young Hornet (1814), Captain Jeremiah Holmes, torpedo boat, active off New London and in Vineyard Sound, spring 1814

Yankee (1814, 1 gun, 42’), Captain Lemuel Burrows, active in Long Island Sound and Vineyard Sound, summer-fall 1814

Ramillies (1814), Captain Paul Burrows, active in Long Island Sound, summer-fall 1814

Retaliation (1814), Captain John Rogers, active in Long Island Sound, winter 1814-15



Name unknown (1813, 1 torpedo), Silas P. Halsey, active off New London, June-July 1813, reportedly sunk during third expedition

Turtle (1813, torpedoes, 30’), Capt. Berrian, came down Long Island Sound from New York, summer 1813, came down again and destroyed, summer 1814