Connecticut and the War of 1812

The People

The people of Connecticut generally did not support the War of 1812 politically, but Connecticut natives and residents were actively involved in many aspects of the conflict. These brief biographical sketches include citizens, political figures, military figures, privateers payday loans, US Navy figures, and a few of the British Royal Navy officers who blockaded the Connecticut coast during the war.

The Ships

From the 74-gun HMS Ramillies and 56-gun USS United States to the private armed rowboat True Blooded Yankee, and even submarines, a large number and wide variety of British and American vessels were active in local waters during the War of 1812. These two lists include vessel names, dates of construction and dimensions when known, captain’s name, and approximate dates of service in local waters.

The Flag

Connecticut’s most iconic artifact of the War of 1812 is the flag that few over the defenses during the four-day Battle of Stonington in August 1814. Unlike the Fort McHenry garrison flag raised after the battle, this banner survived nine direct hits and three nights of “the rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air.” The Stonington Historical Society preserves this priceless flag.

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